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Solar Bliss Ashram of HunabKú

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Samadhi 20-02-2020 meditation and during that time period I activate your Bliss so that you can find your way back to your love temple as the Divine power source of your supreme Avatar… please check:

Namasté to you all,
Your Avatar is your dreamlover… can you remember your Wetdream? The dreamer has the structure as one Avatarstarship (instead of a milkyway galaxy that science has taught us) and communicate on a Avataric way, by means of looks through your third eye and listens in the stillness and talks with the language of Consciousness that doesn’t use words and have a Kundalini Bliss lightbody autonomy with which you two perform the cosmic Divine mating ritual.

colliding milkywaygalaxy

And the colliding Avatarstarships is what happening now in outer space. So we don’t have to be an unconscious person in deep sleep or first have a near-death and out-of-body experience or smoke 5MeODMT, drink Ayahuasca or do other drugs to have a momentarily love high experiences what you can lose, however a natural Samadhi Bliss experience is always present and this love making with the universe is what happens naturally now (later in this story more about our Divine dream life awakening). Deep down you already know the truth!

How to recognize you’re a Avatar starseed? We are all starpeople who originated from supernovas and therefore made from stardust. All Avatarstarships are illuminated by stars and their Singularities, in their center, are imploded suns and the only Whitewhole: HunabKú in the heart of the universe is the direct opposite of these blackholes Akashic records. Knowing this, provides the opportunity to infuse your vision, your higher purpose in outer space and your mission here on earth with your love, power, wisdom, light and health etc.

Welcome into the Solar Bliss Ashram of HunabKú from which the invisible Magic wires comes, that flows through the Cosmic mainframe and transport the Divine Mayan source code that connects the united universe as a Whole. 

This is the nervecenter of the cosmos where you get to tap into me and become aware how I experience the higher consciousness of my Mayan Avatar. I see planet earth from out the heart of the universe, looking down to our world. My name is Kukulkan and my goal and mission is to empower people to support their health with natural resources from mother nature instead of the chemical drugs from the pharmaceuticals and release people from their outdated belief systems by giving people their Divine spirituality back into their own hands. So here in the Solar Bliss Ashram of HunabKú I help people understand that there is much more to life than science tells us because here you’ll find everything you need to know about health and Awakening and living in Bliss, in every moment… it’s possible so come and experience it for yourself, would you please? Because what we took for granted as the truth is, by far, not the real thing because science was never able to see the bigger picture. Science can only perceive the totality with less than 1% so with only have one piece of the puzzle, this can never explain the meaning of life.

HunabKú is the only God who can be scientifically proven. This Bigbang zero-point is the origin of the whole universe, the birthplace of all the milkywaygalaxy Avatarstarship and all alien and not alien life-forms and we are all still connected with her Divine Mayan roots! We are able to see by her magic gifts, even at night, through the moon’s reflection and we can experience and be aware of this wonder throughout our entire life.

As one organism HunabKú flows throughout the entire universe. It is what planet earth is made of and takes place in and is part of, and HunabKú flows literally and figuratively through mother nature. In this same way you as a Avatar skin drone, instead of a human being, also take place in mother nature and you are made up of it and you participate in her and mother nature flows literally and figuratively through you, what you also can experience and be aware of. Similarly everyone’s Avatarstarship and your blackhole Singularity is coming from the great spirit HunabKú.


Hidden beyond the horizon of your visible universe and behind your Mayan Zodiac birth sign is the forgotten Kingdom of Heaven of HunabKú. Kukulkan is planning to give us, on this magical Cosmic window 20-02-2020 at 20:02:20 pm, a whole day (24 hour) of  Cosmic Dream Satsang within the womb of creation, the cockpit, of the Great Spirit: HunabKú, who is pregnant with all possibilities (the cosmic control center), for all the Avatarstarships that already are located around the heart of the universe… Kukulkan recharge your Bliss, as your Divine birthright and during this recognition everybody becomes aware of that which they never lost; this Divine Mayan gift that only till now we have not been properly aware of. And this Magic will continue throughout Toon 8- Kin 210 – 6e Mayan year of the natural TunUc thirteen moon calendar (the calendar from all flora and fauna, who used no clock). The Mayans used no time at all, because in the cosmic internal present time moment, the universe treats you the best as ever!

natural TunUc 13 moon calendar

Since the world market is standardized on the Gregorian calendar, I use this calendar to compare it with the natural TunUc 13 moon calendar, but this comparison can easily be made with all other ontological man made calendars. There are seven calendars in regular current use around the world. The mentioned Gregorian, and the Chinese, the Hebrew, the Islamic, the Persian, the Ethiopian and the Balinese Pawukon. But only the Gregorian is used worldwide for business and legal reasons. The others are sometimes used for religious and sometimes social reasons. But all unnatural calendars, who are in use by the world religions, keep you from accommodating into your Avatarstarship and Singularity in which your Akashic record is and/or in other words; everyone’s private evolutionary reincarnation database is located in.

# 1. The current time has an unnatural 12-60-time frequency, what the ego is fond of, versus the biological 13-28 time frequency that synchronizes with your higher Self. # 2. Twelve months versus thirteen moon cycles: without leap days and change-over-time adjustments, or cycles without hitches. # 3. Twelve fictional constellations versus the thirteen still existing Mayan constellations. # 4. 365 days with New Year’s Eve on December 31, which has no reference point at all; versus 364 (=13×28) days and with one day; the so-called Day out of Time (as the Mayan new year’s eve party) on July 25 – coinciding with the annual cosmic event: the rise of our sun together with her big sister Sirius. # 5. Who manufactured this calendar? The Pope versus Kukulkan. # 6. Where does this calendar come from? From the Vatican versus HunabKú: the heart of our universe. # 7. What does this express? Our economy versus our own biological clock and biorhythm: on which our body is formed, with the most famous being the ovulation cycle of the woman from which life came. This process takes place on average once every 28 days in women, in the middle of the menstrual cycle. # 8. What does this refer to? Industrial revolution with its farming and economics versus Mother Nature with its flora and fauna. # 9. How is the clock time kept up to date? Through the atomic clock versus the year of the moon that what is meant by: TunUc. # 10. What does the mechanical clock sound like? As the ringing of church bells – as spam for the egomind – versus a cosmic signal that can be experienced and is beyond hearing, seeing and thinking, as it enters through the crown chakra and manages your biological clock. # 11. What do we usually think about when we hear the annoying church bells ringing?: The church service, fear, time is money, or your agenda that has been cast over our entire lives – meant for all moments, except this present time! # 12. How are we aware of the clock time? Through watches and electronics; versus the Moon and the woman who embodies here natural 28 days timecycles. # 13. How much awareness is connected to time? The human mind in which the ego is established (approx five percent brain capacity) ; versus higher consciousness that is 30,000 times faster and more advanced than the selfish thinking egomind. # 14. What does the current clock offer us? A big ego; versus to face reality. # 15. Where does this take us? Finally to the destruction of planet earth as a result of the ego lust and greed we now living in a broken system; versus Awakening and the road to you true Divine Avatar… or in other words >>>


The current clock time and calendar implies social and economic dominance over our social and spiritual awareness, a subtle manipulation in which we today – hour by hour, minute by minute – effortlessly follow through with our thinking and actions. We simply don’t know any better… the tragedy of our time adorns the watch on our wrists.

And last but not least: In the current Gregorian calendar the thirteenth constellation, that of Ophiuchus: the Serpent Carrier, was removed from the zodiac, sometime in history. Although the ecliptic runs through Ophiuchus, it no longer belongs to the zodiac. Strange isn’t it? Because the sun goes through Ophiuchus from November 29 to December 18: nineteen days. The current astrology is therefore incorrect. It is as if you cut an apple pie into 13 slices, remove one piece, and then try to make the cake round again. That will never succeed, but that is how our birth sign is derived and you will carry that horoscope with you the rest of your life. It is not surprising that the Mayans do not work with twelve, but with thirteen Zodiac Constellations.

Side note: because we have to keep working I have an invention of a 13 moon watch, so that the economy can be balanced instead of relying on the eternal grow that the ego wants. This way the imbalances disappear and the abundance can flow back to who this belongs to in this transition.

to get an idea

There is actually just one natural time wherever you are in the world and this is not a time which is connected to the sun, but to our Moon. This is why the year of the thirteen moons calendar (TunUc Solar Moonyear) should exist alongside the Gregorian economical calendar. One calendar for the economy and the other to get in contact with the miracles of nature and with the Cosmos. The main difference between the Gregorian calendar time and the TunUc time is the stress and routine that the Gregorian calendar, under current view, causes for most of us. We now have completely lost our way. Please believe me when I tell you that your body-mind-system works better with the Cosmos using this Mayan time standard; As air is the atmosphere of the body, the moon is the atmosphere for feeling and time is the atmosphere for the mind. And the one who owns your time, is the ruler of your life. Therefore, take back control of your own time and you will get to know your Avatar again.


At least as significant is that the TunUc is separate from any religious or spiritual system. So, no ideologies and no separation anymore, simply one time, for all the people on this one planet, because the original TunUc time of the united universe is enough for every moment in daily life. Besides the Mayan TunUc Age we don’t need a teacher, so we don’t have to become a student, we don’t need a leader, so we don’t have to become neither a sheep, nor a Guru, because you are already an Avatar: TYPE 3 CIVILIZATION.

This Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a type civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication. The scale has five designated categories: a type one civilization – also called planetary civilization – can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the neighboring star, type two can harness the energy of the entire star type three civilization can control energy on the scale of their entire host milkyway galaxy and then there is the type four civilization Kukulkan as the Gamemaster and the type five civilization HunabKú as the Akasha Keeper / Architect who has programmed this Holographic Universe.

The importance of this natural Mayan TunUc thirteen moon calendar & watch time is, that we will Bliss synchronise again with everybody on planet earth, with everybody who wears the watch. But even more important is that we will also synchronise with our Avatarstarship and Kukulkan and HunabKú. Everyone who does not connect with the TunUc remains part of the problem, instead we must be part of the solution!

This Cosmic Satsang is spoken with the language of Consciousness, that doesn’t use any words. Normally only in Samadhi and through your third eye and in the stillness we can become properly aware of this. In these times we get this Divine update only during deep sleep instead of during our real Cosmic Avatar life.


Fortunately, the universe is already united and whole but only the ego believes that it is separate from this and that’s why almost all of the world’s citizens are, so above and so below, disconnected from their guiding Avataric source. And as a result of this separation that is completely ingrained in their egomind, the Divine Mayan wisdom is unfortunately completely ignored on a subconscious level. For example, how much Divine conscious Avatar data of Shunyamurti can you take in… with all due respect!

Sat Yoga Institute

And thats is why somewhere along this magical Cosmic window night and during your deep sleep period, Kukulkan will meet everyone in Samadhi so that our Divine Avatars do whatever is meant to be done in our kingdom of heaven. So our kundalini Bliss lightbody can communicate in a telepathic and Avataric dreamlike way.

During this Samadhi 20-02-2020 time event we have an Akashic record synchronization, as your Avatar Blissful perfection of the truth updates and then I activate your Bliss so that you can find your way back to your love temple. And when Kukulkan can reconnect the critical mass again, with their Divine power source of all the supreme Avatars, only then we can move onto the next level in our evolution and become a mature Avatarstarship in the Kingdom of heaven. Because your Avatar is more than merely the witness of all your reincarnations, it is also the place your will comes from, your memories are stored, the seat of your soul is located. Science has already discovered this.

The danger is that after Awakening your ego wants to dig through all your lived incarnations, which are stored in your blackhole Akashic record, but then you end up in the same dangerous quicksand trap that every person already identifies with, the thousands of thoughts and experiences that occur every day. Elevating yourself above this is authentic awakening “also called Enlightenment”. Then, as an Avatar, you simply remain the witness, so without emotions or desires etc. that could otherwise trigger an episode of a lived reincarnations of your ego, and get you caught up in a story that you ever had experienced. Release the ego and remain identified as a resident of the Cosmos, as one of the Avatarstarships from which the Whole universe is made up, instead of a limited world citizen, you think you are now.

The Power of the Present Moment

But of course you can take a look in your Akashic record, because your ego is from his essence curious, but please don’t lose yourself in there because it is a million times better, for you and your living environment, to stay in your Bliss and only be the witness. Because just like your ego cannot change or adjust anything about your lived or future reincarnation, your ego cannot change or adjust anything in this current incarnation.

I assume we all know that during our sleep we are more aware than when we are awake because much more brain function can be measured. We sleep a third of our lives and I assume we all have experienced that during our sleep we are more aware than when we are awake, because much more brain function can be measured during sleep. We sleep a third of our lives and we go through different phases during sleep. That’s why sleep is the premiere necessity #3 and almost nothing is healthier than a beauty sleep. And after the total surrender when you fall asleep, you reconnect with the seat of your soul in the center of your Avatarstarship and after this synchronization, healing takes place in your mind-body-system.

Can you remember your last conscious wet dream orgasm (glitch in the matrix)? Because then you were in direct contact with your Avatar and if you now do not identify yourself with your sexy dream Avatar partner, but with the dreamer, and if you know where he is and proceed towards his cosmic Avatar life, you now become Enlightenment!

All your lived and future reïncarnaties come together, like a zero point, as the cockpit of your Higher Consciousness Avatar control room. This celestial Avatar entity has its own way of Divine communication, using the third eye, listening in silence and talking with the language of consciousness that uses no words and has a kundalini Bliss lightbody.

Because there is no one home in the human body, in principle you cannot remember or retell your dreams, for the same reason you cannot be in the present time, nor do we conjure because we are already taking place in our Avatar magic.

When your Avatar takes a break from God’s way of living; with the lovemaking with the universe, our Avatar likes to play the game of life on planet earth as the gamer of his Avatar skin drone / world citizen. And what seems to take a lifetime for the person is just one gamelevel for your Avatar.

Gregg Braden

Our life program is fixed. This is so because during the movie (the reflection of reality inside your mind) from the beginning and to the end, we are getting played. Just because we are living in our own awareness so the entire space in which your moment takes place in now is a reflection of your inner vision. So many people on planet earth and just as many worlds and visible universe as holodecks as your own egomind imagination. That’s why we have no free will in this game. But on the other hand Avatar Paradise is the real thing because here everything is still possible like an empty film roll that still needs to print the movie on.

Becoming an Avatar equals being your true Self! So we can leave the world behind and become a citizen of the Cosmos in the Kingdom of Heaven: Living among the Avatarstarships, from which our entire universe is built. The universe is as one organism what Gurus often called Consciousness and science is trying to solve this hard question of consciousness… Remember, we are One, but not the same because we all have our private Akashic records: evolutionary reincarnation database.

You Are The Universe – Deepak Chopra, MD

Sponsor request: I invite you all to assist this “once in a lifetime cosmic Mayan Avatar event” so that I can properly prepare, maintain and apply aftercare for it. And in the meantime, manifesting my MLEG (Maya Love Enlightenment Game), but only with enough The United Universe Patreons I can do this, because I simply cannot do it alone! I need the help of the critical mass, or a UNDEF or winning the Nobel Peace Prize or another sponsorship etc. Otherwise I have to go back working together with the Alchemist Garden again and I will be entangled in the time is money system. Because I too have to eat and pay my bills every month. So become a TUU Patreon please, so that I can continue with this mission to Awakening the Global Heart: May all The United Universe Patreon be blessed with Bliss ॐ )))

By doing this together we will Firewall the Gregorian calendar with his accompanying Greenwich time is money system and get immune for other man-made calendars and this will mean the end of the ignorance Age of Stupid.

Alan Watts breaks down what’s wrong with the world

Experience a new Enlightenment, beginning from the divided cradle of life, into The United Universe. The only thing you have to for this, when you wake up the next morning, is to identify with this ‘God’s Bliss spark’ in your celestial Avatar being! So that the rest of your life you can live in Samadhi Bliss and no longer have to incarnate.

Deconstruct the ego: thoughts, fears, beliefs and shame keep us trapped in the ego prison. These are all forms of an outward-looking ego. We want to change to a quieter, more inward-being. You will find peace, unity, love, health, happiness and Bliss, not in the outside world, but in your inner Divine Avatar. Warning: your consciousness first needs maturation and that is why Advaita & Sat Yoga is used here to transcend your ego so that it can take its true place again. My interest in spiritual growth goes over the top after the Samadhi and the Inner Worlds & Outer Worlds films. So the best basis to wake up you have to first see the following spiritual guiding films please:

Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 (mayā, the Illusion of the Self):

Samadhi Movie, 2018 – Part 2 (It’s Not What You Think):
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha:
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 2 – The Spiral:
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 3 – The Serpent and the Lotus (4:13 Mayans):
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking:

But where Advaita and Sat yoga guidance and references to Consciousness ceases or or limited us, the Cosmic Mayan Avatar wisdom effortlessly takes the helm over. This is done through both the old forgotten Mayan knowledge and my own unchanged Bliss experience, which I obtained by using a conscious Mayan rawfood lifestyle for more than 10 years now… See live from truth.

You can already practice this right now, because this increases the likelihood to maintain the unchanging Bliss considerably. First of all… becoming Unmani: Losing everything you think you know, this is the freedom to life as you really are.

Unmani satsang with Stuart Schwartz to awakening

#2. Have a moment of silence for this Self-examination and close your eyes and ask yourself: Who am I? When the silence drops: Identify with your blackhole Singularity Akashic record. 

#3. When a thought distracts you, again remind yourself to ask the question: To whom does this thought arise to? And as the silence drops identify with your Avatarstarship.

#4. Who am I without these thoughts? The United Universe.

#5. What can I bring in this moment? I Am that I Am! 

PS: This also works as a spiritual SOS, so your Divine Avatar connection is maid again, and therefore can be re-established as soon as possible.

Meeting and merging with your Avatar is the most valuable thing in this world and normally you can not buy this with money or with a membership because you cannot purchase this in any store, blackmarket or webshop… Because this Divine spiritual transformation is not from this planet but from the pure source of our cosmic existence: HunabKú.

That in the morning, we will all Awaken in the Kingdom of heaven… this is the true meaning of Namasté 🙏 . And our TUU (The United Universe) Longevity World Nursing Bliss Retreats are for the recovery from that what was never lost in the first place, but only before this TUU rediscovery retreat, you weren’t fully aware of this eternal Divine Mayan spark in your Singularity. And this is not to be found in your physical heart or heart chakra, but in the real heart of your personal Avatarstarship.

Mooji Baba

Where your will comes from, your memory is also stored and the seat of your soul is also located there. Everyone’s cycle and biological clock, in their own unique way, is controlt from this place. Unfortunately not everyone (the richer you are, the harder it is), but only healthy and conscious people can grasp this immediately and have an authentic Awakening. Others need aftercare on this path of Enlightenment and be coacht in a Conscious Mayan raw food lifestyle… that we are going to evaluate via TUU Longevity World website

But until that happens, apply the following Commandment into your life please: Always treat everyone the same way you want to be treated and if everyone encourages and supports one person in this Awakening Mission, then the whole world will become a Paradise very quickly.

Oké, in the meanwhile I am going to improve my inherited spiritual skills, that have been passed on for many generations via my Grandma Madjoe (father’s familyside) and Aunt Nonja: Spiritual skills such as healing as a magnetizer, seeing as a clairvoyant and a giving photoreadings. So if every TUU Patreon includes their latest photo, I can remotely spiritually connect with their Avatarstarship Akashic record, so there comes an entirely new wave of Divine Beings to this planet.

Conscious or unconsciously we have been misled by our own ego because we’ve all been brainwashed (The Lie We Live) about the Origin of our Source, since childhood up until now. One of the many milkyway galaxy-Avatarstarships of which the universe is composed of, is the one who you really are. What alternative is there to our origin… Think about it please. Where else does the Spirit go to when the human Avatar skin drone die and you return to Heaven? Your origin is found in your personal reincarnation-waiting room of your Akashic records.

All these Avatarstarships are interconnected by the energetic gravity plasma grip of HunabKú, from which the entire universe is quantum entanglement by Kukulkan. Those Avatarships are our true selves, we are not the so-called human Matrix-batteries plugged into the machine somewhere in inner earth.

The God I can see through my third eye, my Avatar is looking back in the same way at me as well and this applies for everyone 😍

For more information about this Cosmic Satsang and commandments or 2 subjects your own wish, you can become an The United Universe Patreon. And via The United Universe you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites )))

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan

PS: A dream I dream alone simply remains a dream but a dream we dream together becomes the reality. So become a The United Universe Patreon please?

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